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关于春节的英语小作文带翻译 (有关于春节的英语小作文)

摘要: 有关春节一个英语作文带翻译 春节是一个重大和隆重的节日,春节代表着平安、幸福、团圆。怎么写一篇带有翻译的春节英语作文呢?下面是我...




Remember last year on the day of the Spring Festival, I in festival costumes and bring a bright red scarf, and his mother and sister together go to the zoo by bus.

In the zoo, we saw the door hung four red lanterns, lanterns on the four Chinese characters "to celebrate the Spring Festival" particularly eye-catching. There is large and beautiful flower basket door on both sides, a festival of the spectacle.

So many people in the zoo, people wear nice holiday clothing, all very happy, happily watching the animal shows. The naughty little monkey jumping up and down on the rockery; The elephant's nose to jilt to jilt to; The tiger lying asleep in their cages, so many people onlookers, reason also ignore it; Greedy black bear, is the most funny it to greedy, give people wallow, circle, pitching, salute, audience for its applause...

It was so beautiful in the zoo, the Spring Festival makes me feel interesting, the impression of a black bear has been on my mind.






Firecrackers, we usher in the Chinese the most grand festival - the Spring Festival, every family beaming, hang lanterns, labeled red couplets, busy...

The Spring Festival is a very important holiday, because by this festival celebration, can strengthen the contact with the family of the family. Such as: family reunion dinner, New Year gifts to relatives and friends, and so on. These customs are a reminder that family status in society. Chinese-american prepared for all the parts of the world, all grand and warmly celebrate this festival. Celebrating the Spring Festival starting from the first lunar month to the day of the first lunar month 15. 15 days in a row.

The Spring Festival that day, in the morning, my mom and dad, grandma and grandpa... Go to the grave. In the evening, at home for family reunion dinner, wow! Today's food is so rich, have crabs prawns, ants on the tree, sweet and sour pork ribs... I put every cup filled Sprite and then I lifted the cup to all the family happy New Year.





During the Spring Festival, I followed my father and mother went to yuyao and jiujiang. Dual Spring Festival custom, such as stick Spring Festival couplets, set off firecrackers, eat meal, happy New Year, wishing lamp, glutinous rice ball, and so on.

My favorite put wishing lamp, because the light can write their own wishes. The throngs of onlookers watched, *** and children wishing lamp slowly rise, rose higher and higher, bee a star, finally disappear in the night sky, that's very interesting! Put wishing lamp must pay attention to safety, when it rains can't be put.

Also I like to set off firecrackers, the voice of "clicks" with celebrations. Playing a cherry bomb is the most interesting, as long as a little with some force the firecrackers fell to the ground, 1 of "bang" exploded, how exciting!

The Spring Festival, it's really impressive!



放鞭炮也是我喜欢的,“劈劈啪啪”的声音代表着喜庆。玩摔炮最有趣,只要稍稍用点力把鞭炮摔到地上,“砰”的一声就炸开了,多 *** !








I like Spring Festival best.

A thought of the Spring Festival, can eat the delicious food, also can buy all kinds of small fireworks, also can earn a lot of money, buy a beloved toy, beautiful new clothes, and set off firecrackers, which are more think more happy days.

When the Spring Festival comes, families stick to the couplets and buy New Year's goods and keep the house clean and tidy. On the first day we got up very early in the morning, go to grandpa grandma happy New Year, after the New Year I can get a lot of lucky money, then go to eat dumplings, set off firecrackers every household, the air and the colorful fireworks, after the Chinese New Year to worship the elders, I took the money to buy a toy fireworks, I like to eat, the adults play mahjong, I and a friend to play, 2 to people, I take my father and mother gift relatives, also can earn a lot of lucky money.

The Spring Festival is happy. I like it very much.






The Spring Festival of 2011 finally arrived, the sun shining on the earth, a scene of jubilation, people came to the streets, the original broad avenue crowded with water.

People come to the shopping mall, it is really a sea of people, many people bought large and small gifts, to visit relatives. It was very cold in the park, but everyone braved the cold and took the children to the park.

This is a rare holiday for our children. We can play, eat, and do what we want. This day, it is like the "free festival" of our children.

Happy life is to thank our ancestors, if we do not have them, we will not have today this happy holiday, in this happy time, we also cannot forget to learn.







Today, I went back to my hometown for the Spring Festival happily with my father and mother.

As soon as I got to my hometown, I found a new spring couplet on the door, and I was happy to find my brother. I took a football cannon. It was round and green, with a thin layer of plastic and very green. I carefully put the gun on the steps, the younger brother help me to bring the flash sticks, I slowly put a stick on the gun, only heard the "bang" a loud explosion, this gun is football really loud!

We watched the gala dinner together after the New Year's eve dinner. There were sketches, crosstalk, singing and dancing...

It looks great!

This year, we have a very happy reunion. I wish everyone a happy and happy New Year!





A year the Spring Festival is the most grand, grand festival. One to the Spring Festival, the streets packed, men, women and children face a *** ile, to enjoy the festive joy.

New Year to stick to "Spring Festival couplets"! Mother special said unto me, let me to find a few for the Spring Festival couplets, posted on my door. So, I found two pairs of Spring Festival couplets, I read aloud a way: "gold dog hesui boom!" Mother hurriedly say allied: "jade YanYingChun blessing of prosperity." "Ha ha, mom"! There is a picture of the words: "five blessings, peace." Mother said that Spring Festival couplets are auspicious words, people pray for in the New Year was happy can live a happy life.

Our family after dinner, then the time around the front of the television to watch the Spring Festival gala ", we watched with relish. Colorful party program: crosstalk, sketch let us laugh; Sing, dance, let's follow singing and dancing; Magic, acrobatics let us cooing. The party entered the orga *** , "dangdang when......" Twelve o 'clock, the ringing of a New Year is ing. I silently make a wish, hope in the New Year my grades can be more into the next level.



我们一家人吃完晚饭,便准时地围在电视机前收看“春节联欢晚会”,我们津津有味地看着。晚会的节目丰富多彩:相声、小品让我们捧腹大笑;唱歌、跳舞让我们跟着载歌载舞;魔术、杂技让我们啧啧称赞。晚会进入了 *** ,“当当当……”十二点钟声敲响了,新的一年来临了。我暗暗地许下心愿,希望在新的一年里我的学习成绩能更进一层楼。


Today I got up very early - today is on the first day. On children first thing, of course, is put on new clothes to go around the neighborhood for the bonus. But before get red envelopes, must say congratulation, I wish you a healthy body. Friends and I went to get a red envelope, ran a morning, really tired, but don't charge much, we get to the red envelope, of course, not a few.

New Year's day when to set off firecrackers, to show his happiness. Is the sound of the sound of firecrackers outside each house in the early morning, the village is hilarious. Firecracker *** oke flavor we are familiar with, *** ell will have the taste of Chinese New Year. They take advantage of this chance to get together and talk about children, talk about work, some addiction son up, also playing mahjong, play CARDS, everybody said the early do not bet on it. In the afternoon, I and friends to buy fireworks setting off. Even though our new clothes are dirty, we also don't care, as long as it is good to have fun.

The view of the night and the day is very different: although the same as in the daytime, but are the sound of fireworks is given priority to





The Spring Festival is our traditional festival, is also every household had a holiday. We should prepare firecrackers, Spring Festival couplets and New Year pictures, eat, lanterns and clothes. Whenever the Spring Festival, is also the most happy when my mood.

When the Spring Festival, every household will prepare many things, you see the people on the street people mountain people sea appear cheery. Mom and I went to buy necessities, we bought a lot of things such as the Spring Festival couplets bought New Year paintings. The most let me happy is I bought some firecrackers. Mother gave me to buy a new suit of clothes. Arranged to buy back, we have to clean the house, mother hang lanterns in the morning to get up, dad is the Spring Festival couplet and blessing all the door, I put all dried fruit in the plate, placed neatly.

Thirty day, mother put on new clothes for me, I was so happy! In the afternoon do mom and dad together I love to eat food more, eat family reunion dinner together when the whole family were very happy. Eat a big dinner the whole family sitting together watching the Spring Festival gala, holiday is wonderful, sketch, songs, and singing and dancing. The *** s are making dumplings. Is nearly twelve o 'clock, rang with firecrackers outside. Dad carrying firecrackers went downstairs, and I came downstairs I *** ell the fireworks, we put many firecrackers, I also put a fireworks. Just a little hurriedly ran back, wait for a while still wasn't ask dad how haven't! I went to take a look! Father said: "no collapse over", I said: "I'll be careful," I went from a point, finally lit, the colorful firecrackers like a blooming flower in the air, beautiful. Finished put firecrackers, we eat dumplings, began to happy New Year, everyone gave me lucky money.

A New Year begins, hope the whole family can happiness. I hope my learning progress.



年三十那天,妈妈给我穿上了新衣服,我高兴极了!下午的时候爸爸、妈妈一起做好多我爱吃的菜,一起吃团圆饭时全家人都很开心。吃过团圆饭全家人坐在一起看春节联欢晚会,节日很精彩,有小品、有歌曲、还有歌舞。大人们都在包饺子。快十二点了,外面响起了鞭炮声。我和爸爸拿着鞭炮下了楼,到了楼下我闻到了烟火味,我们放了很多鞭炮,我还放了一个烟花。刚一点就连忙跑了回来,等了一会还没著就问爸爸怎么还没著啊!我去看一看吧!爸爸说:“不行小心崩著 ”,我说:“我会小心的 ”我去从点了一下,终于点着了,那五颜六色的鞭炮就像在空中盛开的花朵,美丽极了。放完了鞭炮,我们吃起了饺子,开始拜年了,每人都给了我压岁钱。




The Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is a great occasion to the Chinese people。 It lasts about the first four days of the year, during which people do not work except for the workers on duty。 Students do not go to school, and shops are closed。

Several days before the new year, people begin to prepare。 Farmers kill pigs, sheep, cocks and hens。 City dwellers buy meat fish and vegetables。 Houses are cleaned; coupletsare posted on the doors。 Colourful lanterns are hung at the gate。

On the eve of the new year, each family has its members gatherd together and eats a family reunion dinner。 After the meal they watch TV until the clock strickes twelve。 Then every family sets off long strings of small firecrackers and other fire works to wele the new year。 On the first day of the new year, almost everyone is dressed in his or her best。 When people meet on the way, they say to each other Happy New Year。 Friends and relatives pay new year calls and gives presents to each other。 Children indulge themselves in games。






Far and away the most important holiday in China is Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year. To the Chinese people it is as important as Christmas to people in the West. The dates for this annual celebration are determined by the lunar calendar rather than the GREgorian calendar.

so the timing of the holiday varies from late January to early February. To the ordinary Chinese, the festival actually begins on the eve of the lunar New Year's Day and ends on the fifth day of the first month of the lunar calendar. But the 15th of the first month, which normally is called the Lantern Festival, means the official end of the Spring Festival in many parts of the country.

Spring Festival is the most importantand popular festival in China.Before Spring Festival ,the people usually clean and decorate their houses.And they go to the Flower Fairs to buy some flowers.During Spring Festival ,the adults usually give lucky money to children.People often get together and have a big meal.Some people eat dumpling for dinner.






Will Christmas Replace the Spring Festival?

Christmas arouses increasing attention year by year in China。 Christmas cards bee popular with students。 People hold Christmas parties and exchange Christmas girts。 A lot or TV and radio programs about Christmas are on。 Meanwhile the Spring Festival is less appealing (有吸引力的)to youngsters。 Thus some people wonder whether Christmas will replace the Spring Festival。

This worry is fairly unnecessary。 Why ? One reason lies that Christmas only affects Christians,college students and joint-venture (合资企业)workers。 Another reason is that Christmas is mostly celebrated in cities。 Few people in countryside show extreme interest in this exotic(带有异国情调的) festival。 By contrast,the Spring Festival is the most influential traditional festival in every family。

I think,it is natural that with increasing exchanges with the West,a lot of Western holidays have been gradually introduced into China。 For us Chinese we should never neglect or even discard our own traditional festivals。 For centuries Chinese have observed this traditional holiday to wele the beginning of a new year。 And we will treasure the Spring Festival forever。







New Year Party

On New Year's Eve,our class had a party。 The atmosphere was good。 It was out of the ordinary from the very begining。 The boy student from one bedroom gave an unusual performance。 We saw a boy named Li Xinmin turn off all the lights in a sudden snap。 Then with three resounding(响亮的) crow of a cock echoing in the hall,the hall was again brightly lit in a snap。

Then,the representative of the bedroom Zhu Guozhang asked us to guess a line of a poem related to the above situation。 He added that Li Xinmin alone was born in the year of the dog and the other three were all born in the year of the chicken。 They left us all in confusion。 And it was our monitor who was quickwitted(机智的)。 He shouted our, The day breaks as the cock crows three times at dawn。 The hall After that,they had another item。 This time Li Xinmin was placed in the middle of the circle。 While he was standing there,the other three stood around him,each bowing down to him at an angle of 120 degrees。 It was an idiom。 This time I got it right:The dog stands out among a group of chickens。

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